Paws in Jobland

Paws in Jobland is an absolutely incredible site.  You can use it as a key component of any jobs related lesson or use part of it for a great warmer.
Explore Jobland.  As you hover your mouse over the different buildings, different job categories will appear.
Once you've selected a job Paws will talk with the person about their job.  You hear the audio as well as see the text.  If you want to hide the text just adjust the window size.
One question from the Quiz.
The Job Finder acts as a virtual career counselor.  Answer the 26 questions and Paws will show you the job categories you might be interested in.
The ABC Search shows you all of the 100+ jobs to choose from. 
Here's one example of how you might use Jobland as the base for a highly engaging activity:

Each building in Jobland represents 1 of 16 career clusters.  For example, hovering your mouse over the building that looks like the hospital will reveal that this is where you can explore the “Health Science” career cluster. 

At the conference, we created our own unique jobland which looked quite different from the one above by the time we were done.  Creating your own jobland is a fun activity to do with your students as well.  Here is how your students can create their own jobland:

  1. Ask students to draw a picture of whatever it is they want to be when they grow up. (Do not write what the occupation is on the drawing)
  2. (optional) Ask students if they can find the job they drew on the Paws in Jobland website.  Watch a video about the job and write 3 fun facts on the back of their drawing.
  3. Whole Group Share: Have students share their drawing with the group.  Peers can guess what job the drawing is depicting.  Students can also read aloud three fun facts they found in their research.
  4. Now comes the fun!  Ask students to build their own “clusters” based on commonalities between jobs.  For example, a carpenter and a plumber both fix things in homes.  Ask students to begin sorting themselves into clusters. This might take some time. For easier adaption, you can post signs with career clusters written on them around the room.  Ask students to stand under the career cluster they believe their career falls into.
  5. Once sorted, look at the career clusters that were formed.  Ask discussion questions such as:  How did you decide what cluster you were a part of?  How many clusters does our classroom have?  Are there any career clusters in Paws in Jobland that we do not have?  Why do you think our jobland does not have that cluster?
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Additional Info

  • Grammar Focus: Mixed
  • Type: Online Game, Activity
  • Vocabulary Focus: Jobs / Occupations
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