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Our Team is the winner. This trip is fun.





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Hi attention,

We were representative of Thailand and we got the team number 2. There was a lot of things going on during 2 days of the trip. 

First day, we went to Trang in the very morning and the first place we reached in the late morning and stopped by Peninsula Biotical Garden Thungkay where was full of trees. We came to the conference room to get introduction from the officers. It was great that they gave us information in ENGLISH!! That was a great start for the trip.



Then we had a good chance to walk into the forest to see and learn many kinds of trees at there. But it's actually hot to walk in the forest at the afternoon :(

After that, we went to Pakmeng Beach. We did a lot of activities and it was so much fun. Firstly, we played share ball but our team had only 7 people. Then teacher Jesse joined us as a teammate and that made our team beat the team number 1. Secondly, we moved to play Chuk Kha Yor. (Poster doesn't know what it is called in English, so sorry.) And once again, we won. Another activity was filling water with hands to pour in empty 3 glasses. Of course, we finally won again. And the last activity, we got a black bag to collect garbage around there for making our dress for presenting at the fashion show in the evening. We actually found nothing because we kept talking and sharing ideas to make the dress. 

Those activities made us a good relationship. We had a great time together for being Thailand team. :)


After everything's done from the beach, we moved again to the Hotel "Thammarinthana Hotel". We made the dress for the fashion show and our concept is "Ancient Wedding". And we're so proud of ourselves to make it perfectly even though we didn't even get the top 3.



The first day is cool! 

Thanks. The second day is coming soon. (Ps. Poster's got engagements to do, BTW)

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So tired with 342 stages of ladder but we're fun.

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I like very very adventure.I saw Stalagmite that it had various shapes such as  lotus shape,mushroom shapes,hermitage shapes,etc. In the Cave Had many bats. I smelled feces of the Bats.The feces of the Bats was very expensive,it took to make organic fertilizer.Cave Ceiling is 45 meters,it is very High.I'm exciting it.Waking in the cave,I didn't feel tried,and enjoyed also. I waked into the innermost cave,it was very dark about 3000 fold of darkness.Jockey turn off  the torch, I feel had a ringing in one's ear like a blind man that I feel very sympathetic them.


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