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Trang trip and Stun trip were special for us. This trip made me have new friends . I'm fun with all activities and friends. I'm glad the decision went to Trang and Stun that made me get many thing from there.I,m so tired with walking up the hill. However,I could pass this trip perfectly. Thanks you teachers who created this trip and friends who help me.Two days at trang and Stun enable I speak Enhlish better than previous.

                              .......Thanks you so much .........

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This trip is very good to me. I have made a new friend from this camp .

I enjoy the activity of this camp and fun with friend . To know a new friend.

I impress when I go to satun. I went to the cave where is a wonderful cave.

it have a beautiful stone and some stone is like a diamond. I love it

I got the experience from this camp. Thank you every one. ^^



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After the fashion show finished. Our team have the variety of activities,one of all we ready to act and take the photos for keeping.

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Our face seem happy so much,although our destination have so farrrrrrr. However, we will try to go there.Fighting 5555+

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Hello ! This is a great trip for our. There are 8 people of our group and we so happy with every activities that we made together espectully, our fashion show. That was a nice day. This camp help our speak English better, Thank you teacher for a good thing that gave to our

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