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My team is Cambodia.^^

My team was teamwork. I have  so fun with every activity of trip. I have so excited with place such as Phu Pha Pet cave and Pakmeng beach etc. I have so comfortable with hotel and so delicious with food. And the last feeling was impressed.

This trip was memory in my heart forever...//Could you make a trip again every year, please ^^

Hamaweeyah Sencharoen Ed.Eng 1 st.

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     I falt excited when I went to Trang coz is my first times. Trang is a beautiful place and this trip is very fun. Everyone were friendly and harmonious in each activity. Every activity helped deverlop my skills of English. If next times had this fun trip again I think I would go to with my friends and teacher.



Take a photo @ Phu Pha Pet cave



Take a photo @ Thamarin hotel

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Brunei ? I am not gonna have fun w/my friend ?  Can I get along w/ the others ? 

This is my first thought when I heard about my team.

Frankly,I'm afraid of a stranger people b/c they always thinks that I'm ARROGANT.... I'm not !!!  I'm just shy at first and then I do the stupidest random when I get comfortable with someone that's all... :)

Let's back to the main point, I'm 1st year student,ed-eng. This is my first trip since I've moved to Songkla !! It's gonna be an extremely fun trip , I guess....

I'm gonna skip the first part b/c I already forgot about it. SORRY,SIR :(

All the thing that still on my mind are DINNER,FASHION SHOW AND BREAKFAST !! lol

I was laughed a lot , talked a lot ..... :-)

Oh ! I almost forget about Phu Pha Pet .... It's so amazing !!! All the things that happened over there is really good !!

last but not least, This trip is an extremely fun trip I wish you gonna make a nice trip like this and I'm pretty sure that I be there. :-)

Always support you :D xoxo


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Thailand thailand thailand^^

My team is Thailand.

At first,I was nerves but my team has cute and handsome.I enjoyed with my newfriends for activity on trip Trang - Satun the trip was fun and happy for me.

Thank you for trip :)

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