Nisreen Mukem

  My team was Myanmar,including 6 member.  It's was very little but my team had a good leader and good member.  

We were doing to get together everything,every activities. Activities were so fun,I was glad to did it with my friend,

new friends from other major other faculty.   I was happy in this trip.

Thank you so much^^

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      I am Nisreen   Mukem.You can call me “Nisreen”.I live in Hatyai. I am second-year in English major, faculty  of Humanities and Social Sciences in Thaksin university. I ever love sciences, that’s about Physics ,but I am studying  English language now. I didn't believe it. Hahaha^^. I love white rose so much, that’s like my profile picture. And  last, I am happy with this class. Thanks.

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